Existing Clients

Loan Modification Opportunities


Permission to Speak with Mortgage Company


Many of our clients continue to work with their mortgage company in order to obtain a loan modification. In order to do this the mortgage company must receive permission from our office to speak with you directly so that they do not violate the automatic stay.

Motion to Suspend Payments (CHAPTER 13 CASES ONLY)


If you have made your trustee payments for at least one year on time and encounter a problem maintaining your bills you may request a temporary suspension of your trustee payments (up to 3 months).

Motion for Relief From Stay (CHAPTER 13 CASES ONLY)


If a Motion for Relief from Stay has been filed and YOU wish to keep this property under bankruptcy protection you will need to complete this form and fax it back to our office at (404) 248-8984. In order to avoid a court appearance by you this form and all funds needed to catch up your delinquency MUST be received NO LATER THAN 1 WEEK before the scheduled hearing.

Motion to Retain Tax Refund (CHAPTER 13 CASES ONLY)


If your tax refund is sent to pay your case and you have an URGENT need for these funds you can schedule a hearing to request these funds.

Authorization to Discuss Case


Our office is bound by attorney client confidentially and cannot discuss your case without your permission. If you would like us to speak to an outside party about your case you will need to complete this form.

Reaffirmation Agreements (CHAPTER 7 CASES ONLY)


If you wish to retain certain property in your Chapter 7 case you may be required to execute a reaffirmation agreement with the court.