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Are you involved in a child support dispute? Do you feel you are paying too much support or receiving inadequate support? Contact an experienced family law attorney at The Martin Law Group. We handle a variety of child support matters, including divorce and child support modifications.

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Georgia Child Support Law
In Georgia, child support is calculated by a mathematical formula set out by state statute. While the court has a right to deviate from the guidelines, such deviations are rare. It is critical that you have a proper guideline support calculation if you wish to seek an increased or decreased child support award.

An experienced family law attorney can perform a guideline child support calculation on your behalf to help you determine your chance for success in a child support modification proceeding. Our owner and managing attorney, Yolvondra Martin-Brown, has more than 25 years of legal experience. She represents mothers and fathers in child support matters. Whether you are getting divorced or need an experienced attorney for a child support modification, Attorney Martin-Brown can provide the sound advice and experienced representation you need.

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Do not go to a child support hearing unprepared or without an attorney. The child support guidelines are often enforced in a very mechanical fashion. Without proper representation, you could adversely impact your opportunity for a favorable outcome.

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