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At The Martin Law Group, we are dedicated to providing the vigorous representation and quality client service our clients require. We offer a focused legal practice with concentrations in bankruptcy, personal injury and family law.

Attorney Yolvondra Martin-Brown and our experienced staff work closely with clients throughout their cases. We take time to listen to clients, answer their questions, return their calls promptly and keep them informed about the status of their cases.

Driven for Results
We take pride in our strong record of results. In our bankruptcy practice, we have helped many clients obtain debt relief through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We have helped many of our clients put an end to creditor harassment, discharge large credit card debts or medical bills, break free from wage garnishments, avoid home foreclosure, and get the fresh start they need.

In our family law practice, we have helped men and women protect their rights in divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, visitation disputes and child support disputes. In our personal injury practice, we have helped many accident victims obtain the compensation they need to pay for medical care and move forward with a renewed sense of financial stability. We have successfully obtained compensation for clients injured by auto accidents, dog bites, medical negligence and other serious accidents.

We have a strong record of results because we work hard and we know the law. When we choose to take a case, we do so with an understanding of what is at stake and a deep sense of commitment to the people we serve. We understand that we succeed when our clients succeed.

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We are pleased to serve clients throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas. To speak with an experienced lawyer at The Martin Law Group, contact our law office in Atlanta, Georgia. For assistance, call 404-248-4898 or contact us by e-mail.

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